Thank you for joining us!

If you have found yourself on this site, you have been touched by the kind, generous, positive, influential soul that was Bob Dorough. We are all honored to have known him, we know that he has touched too many lives to begin to count. The purpose of this website is to create a space where his memory will be kept alive and singing. The hope is to create kind of a library for his work and memories to be shared with everyone. So thanks for stopping by, your stories, memories, and kind words are appreciated!

The best things in life are the people you love, the places you go, and the memories you make. – Jacob Norby


2 thoughts on “Thank you for joining us!

  1. I am confused by the requirements of this page so I will say what I need to say at the memorial service if I am able enough to attend. Bob was a highlight for 61 years in my life and I pray that Sally and Aralee and all of the family and friends will find strength in the knowledge that they shared their life with such a gentle and caring person. There is a song by Willie Nelson called” You won’t get over this but you will get through it”. I will see you at the memorial service, God willing. Sue hendon and Pete Peterson


    1. From the beginning, you’ve been godfather extraordinaire! My heart is light, full of love filled by the circle of family you created & shared. Thank you for teaching me how to be a farm girl & showing me my voice is an instrument & then weaving me into your magical realm of music. Thank you for everyday you were in our lives. We treasure your indelible mark on our hearts. Your magic melodies & special voice will continue to dance upon the air. We love you to the figure 8, placed upon it’s side to infinity!
      Dear Sally, Aralee,Corin & Colin,when the crowds have gone & the days are quiet, me & my little circus will come & make you laugh & we’ll hear the singing from the sky! Love you to infinetey, Lisa,Sam,Brenndon,Ian & Lita Goodwin-Tso


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